Our Dance

Thank you Heavenly Father for sending Todd to me on July 25, 1980. I don’t know why you needed him back so soon but trust you will look after him while we are apart. And I ask you to give him this big hug from me so that he might know how much I miss him and how proud I will always be that he picked me to be his Mom. For once he was my dreamer…and now he’s the keeper of my dreams.
A mother's broken heart is healed in a miraculous spiritual awakening when her son, who died 20 years earlier, joins his mother for the dance of her life opening her eyes to the amazing power of the Universe and the afterlife.


Connecting with Todd Spiritually

For many years after Todd passed, I talked to him in hopes that he could hear me, wherever he might be. I needed to believe that he could hear me even though I couldn’t hear him at that time. As a Mother, I felt it was my job to protect him, and that I had failed at the single most important job I would ever have. On September 13, 2013 it happened. I discovered the place where Todd’s eternal soul lives. While listening to Todd’s favorite song, The Dance by Garth Brooks, I heard him say, “Mom, let’s dance.” I couldn’t believe it but I chose to suspend my disbelief long enough to surrender in that moment to things I couldn’t understand. Read more about my story of connecting with Todd: A DIVINE APPOINTMENT

I Encourage You to Connect

We all have a divine connection to our Creator, and to our loved ones in the higher realms, but remembering this truth and suspending our disbelief long enough to trust what we feel is the real test. If you are interested in connecting to your loved ones in the higher realms, I encourage you to speak to the Creator and your deceased loved ones with purpose. Read more about ways I encourage you to connect with your loved ones: CONNECTING WITH YOUR LOVED ONES

What I Learned Through Connecting

I have learned so much in such a short time from my connection to Todd in the higher realms. He’s no longer the 12 year old child that I adored in this lifetime although he continues to retain his uncanny sense of humor. Todd has moved into a teacher role for me and I am his student. He taught me to trust myself, to take action, to release my expectations and to expect the unexpected. Read more about how I have become the student and Todd the teacher: A CHILD SAGE, LEARNING FROM MY CONNECTION

Don’t Cry Mama

Written on the one year anniversary of Todd’s death.

It was a cold winter’s day,
Barely but a year ago,
When the Lord looked down from above,
And decided it was time for me to go.

And although I left you quickly,
Without so much as a ‘goodbye,’
And I know your heart is broken,
But Mama please don’t cry.

You know I loved this life of ours,
And lived to make you smile,
And I did it all with such a flare,
Of wit and charm and style.

And Mama I know you miss me,
And long to hold me tight,
Cause I see your tears from heaven,
Sometimes long into the night.

But today is not forever,
And tomorrow will work out fine,
Cause I’m waiting to race you once again,
On that old white App of mine.

And even though you can’t see me,
Mama, I’ve never left your side,
And you know I’ll always be your boy,
No matter where it is I ride.

And now my chores have changed a bit,
I’m just cowboyin’ in the sky,
So think of me and laugh a little,
But Mama please don’t cry.

Coping with the Loss of a Loved One

Communicating with Todd has helped me to cope with his death by knowing that we are all eternal souls that cannot die. Sure, the physical body will stop breathing at some point and be no longer but that is not who we really are. Our true essence is the eternal energy of the soul and that energy can never die. Through our connection, I have transformed the darkest day of my life into my greatest joy. Todd and I are now working together as a divine team to bring as much Heaven energy to Earth as possible. I feel blessed beyond words everyday to have Todd facilitating on my behalf from the higher realms. It’s the greatest job EVER!