As a parent of a deceased child, I know how important it is that our children are not forgotten so our Memory Wall acknowledges our children and provides a visual reminder they still are very important to us. They will always be important to us. 

When friends and family talk about Todd, it helps keep his memory alive and there’s so much more healing that comes from talking about him and sharing those memories than from avoiding the subject. I understand that some family and friends don’t want to make me sad by talking about Todd, but it’s actually just the opposite. I appreciate it more than anything else they could do and it supports me on my journey through grief. For as long as I live, Todd too shall live in my heart.

So please remember our children and talk about them often, just like we do anyone who is still alive. If you are the parent of a deceased child and are so inclined, please send your child’s name, age and hometown and anything else you care to share about your child and I would be honored to add them to the Memory Wall as well.