Dance With Todd Inc (DWT) believes everyone needs a Rainy Day saving account to cover those unexpected emergencies that just happen to us in life.  We also know that sometimes it’s hard to just cover the bills let alone save for those emergencies.  But we also know that big things are accomplished by taking little steps in the right direction.  That’s why DWT is pleased to introduce our landlord matching contribution for all of our families residing at Dove Court who are interested in our Rainy Day Savings program.  Under this program DWT will match your regular contributions of up to $50/month to your personal savings account.  That’s up to $600 in free money EVERY YEAR contributed to your savings account by DWT if you just get started and keep taking those little steps in the right direction each and every month.  It’s super simple to sign up.  Just contact our property manager, ABC Affordable Housing for more details and let’s get started working together to help you build up that Rainy Day Savings account today for whatever emergency need you might have tomorrow.  DWT is proud to sponsor this Rainy Day Saving Plan for all interested families at Dove Court.

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