This site is dedicated to the memory of my 12 year old son Todd. He remains my inspiration 21 years following his sudden and unexpected death. Although I never imagined that I could be happy again in those early days, weeks, and months following his death, I have truly transcended to a place of joy again in my life…and so can any of you that have lost a loved one, especially a child. On this site, we provide a place for grieving parents to sit with us on our bench and rest for a moment, share your child’s picture with us, or just watch our dance. It doesn’t matter what you feel compelled to do or not do, just know that you are loved and you are supported here.

This sacred space is intended to bring parents healing through the power of music and dance and by reminding you that you are not alone on your journey. Although Todd died very unexpectedly, he told his sister just prior to his death that he wanted “The Dance” by Garth Brooks played at his funeral. Those lyrics gave me much comfort to accept things I could not change. I hope they resonate with you and bring you much comfort too. Perhaps he knew I would need those words to continue on without him. I’m very grateful for “The Dance.” It helped carry me through some of my toughest days and today it keeps me connected to Todd in a whole new way as you will see in “Todd’s Dance.”

It’s a group no one ever wants to join, but there is such healing in sharing. I’m hoping to help many of you get farther faster than I did by bringing us all together in a safe place. I’ve also asked Todd and the angels to work closely with each of you in your healing process to reconnect to your children again too. Sending you much light, love, peace and comfort on your journey.

– Sherri Sengsouvanna

dance with todd