Mom: Why is it so hard to trust what we cannot see?

Todd: Your earthly existence has been built around conditioned responses primarily based on what you see. Yet your instincts will override that reliance on sight whenever you are in danger. The subtle energy field around your physical body is full of little tiny feelers which are constantly processing all the energy that comes into contact with you, most of it is unseen. Those little feelers are linked directly to your heart – to your intuition. Let’s just call that your God-given GPS. That is why you can feel someone staring at you from across the room and when you look in that direction, your eyes confirm that which your heart has already felt.

Mom: Is that why babies are so highly intuitive? Because they haven’t had the conditioning put on them to only trust what they can see?

Todd: Yes. That’s all a result of your beliefs which are formed by conditioning. Many people choose to dismiss what they feel as real and then wonder why they have so many challenges in their life. It’s okay and it’s just part of the human experience to overcome that conditioning. Learning to trust your heart is not a difficult process because it speaks to you genuinely and sincerely each and every day – each and every moment of your life. For example, when you suspended your disbelief long enough to consider that maybe, just maybe, I was still alive in a place that you could not see but that you could feel what happened Mom?

Mom: I discovered you in a whole new way and I realized that you were still very much alive in a place that I couldn’t see but I could certainly feel. That was the most amazing experience of my life and it brought me tremendous healing for my broken heart and the grief that I had carried for more than 20 years.

Todd: Those breakthroughs are available to everyone when they began to trust – even if it’s just for a moment their heart over their eyes. I was with you all along. So if you could go back to the early days in your grief and you knew then what you know now, what would you tell yourself or do differently?

Mom: Well, first of all, I would have put you to work much sooner to help me with everything, big and small! I had no idea – just no idea how much you could help me to co-create my life. Second, I would have talked more to you out loud instead of inside my head because I now know that the spoken word carries more energy that thoughts, so speaking out loud to you is like turning up the volume. Also, I would have set aside time to just be with you more in prayer and meditation. And of course, I would have played our favorite song and danced with you like we do now. Because I do all of those things now and they work for me! I feel you around me in big ways! There might always be a part of my humanness that misses your physical presence, but the gifts you now bring me are my silver lining for sure! If I could see you now, what would you look like? Would you still be the 12 year old that I remember?

Todd: That’s a really good question Mom. I could look like anything I wanted to be. I’m no longer limited as I was on earth. I can be any nationality, any gender, any height, any age that I would choose to manifest my energy into however; I no longer have a need for such projections in the higher realms. The eternal soul that I am, that everyone is, looks more like a beautiful ball filled with light and love from our Creator. And as our spiritual awareness grows, our ball of energy expands. There is no need for labels in the higher realms. I’m known by my energetic signature here and I’m even funnier than I was on Earth if you can imagine that. (laughing)

Mom:I can only imagine Todd! You always thought you were pretty funny on Earth.

Todd: Because I was and I STILL AM!! You know it’s true because I can still make you laugh.

Mom: Yes. You still make me laugh Todd. So how will I know it’s you if you look different than the way I remember you?

Todd: You will know it’s me by those heart feelers that we talked about earlier. It is a recognition system of feeling through the heart that tells you that it’s me. That is your divine system of knowing. It’s not your eyes. The connection in the heart is much stronger that your vision as a human. It cannot be mistaken or misled. Each individual soul has a unique energetic signature. While that signature may expand as the soul advances spiritually, their signature remains essentially the same. That is how you will know me when you “see” me again. It will not be through your eyes though; it will be through your knowing of the heart. The best part is, I can look like anything I want – a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle or a cowboy or Mrs. Doutfire or…whatever I want! It’s limitless Mom!

Mom: So it’s safe to assume that you won’t present yourself to me as the 12 year old child that I remember when I “see” you again in the higher realms?

Todd: Well, it’s safe to assume that I’ll be throwing you the biggest and best homecoming party when you get here. And it’s safe to assume that I’ll be the first one you “see” and it’s safe to assume that I will be the funniest one at the party. The rest of the details, I’m saving for later because I can’t tell you everything now. (winking) But you’re not coming home anytime soon so I still have lots of time to put that together for you. Until then, let’s get your party on Earth turned up even more so you can fully live the magical life that is your God-given birthright – the birthright of every human on Earth. Yes! Let’s do that for you and for others that want to do that too! (smiling again)

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