Grieving Parents Loss of a Child

Learning From My Connection

grieving parents loss of a child | grieving parents gifts prayerTo all grieving parents loss of a child will be a devasting tragedy.  When you lose a child all the hopes and dreams you had for your son or daughter will die too.  There are many steps to the healing process, but fortunately, the ability to connect with your loved one is not gone.

I have learned so much in such a short time from my connection to Todd in the higher realms. He’s no longer the 12-year-old child that I adored in this lifetime although he continues to retain his uncanny sense of humor and his ability to make me laugh out loud in a split second with some crazy funny one-liner. Todd has moved into a teacher role for me, and I am his student. He helps me process and understand how everything that happens in my life is occurring to support my spiritual growth. His insights expand my awareness and encourage me to question any self-limiting beliefs that are not serving my higher purpose. Many times he gives me only as much information as I can comprehend at that moment but he knows me so well that he knows how to hit my buttons to motivate me into action.

Important Lessons for Grieving Parents Loss of a Child

Most Important Lessons Todd Has Taught Me:

  1. Trust yourself completely. Your heart will never let you down. It’s God speaking through your soul.
  2. Take Action. Just do the next thing that you feel compelled to do. Grieving  You will always have sufficient resources available to do the next thing.
  3. Release Your Expectations. You don’t need to understand why you are called into action for the Divine. If you try to understand it from your human experience, it will likely only cause you stress so relax and have faith. Your blessings will be beyond your wildest dreams.
  4. Expect the Unexpected. Expectations can cause you to limit yourself and your blessings because your expectations are based on your human understanding. When things don’t turn out as expected, pause and look for the messages and/or lessons. There you will find your true gifts. Remember, sometimes the greatest gifts come wrapped in the ugliest paper.

As with any grieving parents loss of a child will seem like an ending, but it doesn’t have to be. Continuing your connection with your loved one will allow you to learn from them and provide you with a comfort when least expected.