It had been an interesting morning chocked full of signs from the Universe for me. Immediately upon waking, I went to take a shower in the master bathroom and much to my surprise, the water was only dribbling from the shower head. I checked to see if I had water at the sink and several other locations in the house and found everything else to be in perfect working order. Since I believe there are no coincidences in my life, only divine appointments and divine timing, I asked Todd, “Ok. What’s the message? Is it about emotions?” Water symbolizes career and money in Feng shui but it also symbolizes emotions on a spiritual level so I wasn’t sure where the clog was but I certain that I was going to figure it out.

Todd: It’s about emotions.

Mom: Are they my emotions?

Todd: No. They belong to others but you are letting them affect you.

Mom: So what am I to know about that and what am I to do differently now?

Todd: Just observe the emotions as you would watch a movie. You are not required to participate in others movies. Only do so if it makes you happy and joyful. Otherwise, you are choosing to participate in an emotional situation that lowers your vibration and is not of your highest and best good.

Mom: So what is the clog in my shower about?

Todd: It’s about you separating from the emotions of others but still being connected in a healthy way.

Mom: So the dribbling water means that I’m less affected by the emotions of others and that’s a good thing? But, it’s not such a good thing because I can’t use that shower Todd!

Todd: I’ll clear the clog. I just needed to get your attention to get this message through first. I could sense your feelings of uncertainty about the all changes going on around you right now so I just wanted to slow you down a bit so you would explore this a bit more in depth.

Mom: Ok. You got my attention. Is there anything else for me to know about it?

Todd: Yes. Did you see the hummingbird I sent you today?

Mom: Yes I did. And what’s with the two doves that flew into my window this morning while I was working at my computer?

Todd: The hummingbird’s energy is light and swift, easily adaptable to new and changing situations. You can use a little more hummingbird energy right now Mom. Don’t take this book launch too seriously. It’s just another part of our journey. Everything is coming together great. Don’t worry about things that you don’t understand about the publishing and marketing process. I’m sending you the right people to help you through that and at the right prices too! (smiling and winking)

Mom: And what’s the message about the two doves that flew right into my window? They startled me twice today.

Todd: The first one got your attention so that drew you to come over to the window. That’s when I sent you the hummingbird. I was trying to tell you to lighten up Mom. The dove also has a really high vibration and a strong connection to the divine energies of the higher realms. Did you notice how many of them were hanging out at your bird feeder today? Lots of them! So many! Did you count them? They were all there to remind you to keep the faith through this transition. All is happening in divine order. Trust the process and just notice what shows up each day. You don’t need to try to figure it out anymore in your mental mind. That space is so limited in your human physical form but the Universe is so vast and so full of endless possibilities. Embrace and stay open to all that Mom! That’s the really good stuff where miracles happen! You already know that. (smiling)

Mom: And why did that second dove hit my window a few minutes later?

Todd: Because I could feel that you were starting to worry again so that dove was just reinforcing the initial message…Hey Mom! Lighten up. Keep it fun. More joy. Less worry. Remember to be the hummingbird. Be light. Be swift on your feet. Be quick to adapt to the changes as they show up. If something’s not working – like the shower – just ask me why. I’m here to help you Mom. Everyone has divine helpers – Angels, Guides, loved ones, divine beings. Most people don’t ask for help, so we can’t interfere from the higher realms unless they ask. But you already know that too. (smiling again) So just surrender to the things that are outside of your control, because most things really are anyway. That’s the Universe driving the bus on its divine route. Don’t tie a rope to the back of the bus and try to slow it down because it’s not going the way you want. Take a seat on the bus. Look out the window. Notice all the signs the Universe is sending you today instead. It’s a much more productive use of your energy. (laughing)

Mom: Ok Todd. I got it. Are you going to fix the shower now?

Todd: Yes. The message is delivered. Go turn on your shower now and see if it works properly. (winking)

Mom: (Walks over to the shower and turns on the water. Water still dribbles.) It’s still not working yet Todd!

Todd: Apparently you are still processing these messages. Trust the signs. Trust the process. You got this Mom! Once you fully integrate the message, the shower will work properly again. Trust ME. I love you and I’m with you always. (kissing my cheek)

When my husband got home from work that day, he took one look at the showerhead and noticed the lever was stuck between positions. As he moved the lever into one of the pre-set positions, the water burst forth into a beautiful soft spray. I smiled. Apparently the message had finally settled in several hours later and I could then look forward to my shower the next day. Thank you Todd for delivering that message. I’m the hummingbird!

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