Most people fear death only because they don’t understand it or remember where they really came from. But there is no need to fear anything for your soul is an eternal soul. It lives on and on – forever and ever because you are beautiful expression of the Creator’s love. In the place that many call the afterlife is where your eternal soul lives forever. It is truly the place of all life – it is only that in your humanness you have forgotten this.

You can never really die. Sure. Your physical body will die one day but it’s just the vehicle, the car, that your soul used for a lifetime on earth. But you made a choice to be born as a human being so that you could experience and grow spiritually in ways not possible if you had elected to stay home. So you needed a vehicle and you needed a family who would help you with your life lessons that you wanted to work on while you were on earth. Your real home is the higher realms. That is where we all come from and where we all return after life on earth is over.

We all have choices in both the human form and the higher realms. Of course you elected to take on a human form or you would not be reading this now. Part of my soul’s purpose is not to convince you there is an afterlife – that’s one of the first steps on the spiritual path. I’m working with my Mom to help those that want to remember how to communicate with that divine realm or their loved ones in the higher realms to bring the heaven energies to earth in your daily life. For each one of you are a divine being blessed by the Creator. Your soul’s true desire is only to grow spiritually so you can be closer to God. That’s it. It’s that simple. When people want to know what their soul purpose is, I offer you that – spiritual growth – as the one and only purpose for every soul on earth. It’s really not any more complicated than that although as humans, we all tend to make everything harder than it really is. I did too. I call those the distractions – or the drama – of the human experience. They are a very necessary part of the experience but we will talk more about that later.

For now, just be aware that challenges are part of the human experience and you agreed to temporarily forget what you know in order that you might maximize your spiritual growth in your lifetime. When you were born you were very connected to your Angels, your loved ones in spirit and your Creator. Why do you think a baby is such a pure channel of God’s love? We can feel that unconditional love embodied within babies. Through them, we remember the unconditional love that is within each of us. The unconditional love that comes from God. The unconditional love that connects us to everyone and everything. It’s that unconditional love that my Mom tapped into to find me again in the higher realms and it’s how we can help others to do the same. I ask you to suspend your disbelief just long enough to trust what you feel as real, and the whole world will shift for you in amazing ways as it did for my Mom. Dancing With a Lost Loved One

I have lots of great stuff to share with you if you chose to remember and bring the heaven energies to earth. (Winking)

Love to all – Todd
© Sherri Sengsouvanna, Founder Dance With Todd Inc.

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