grieving written wordsWhen my 12 year old son Todd died instantly as a result of an accident in 1993, I found myself in the midst of a spiritual crisis and any parent’s worst nightmare. Only it was no nightmare. It was my new life. A life without my son. A life without his humor. A life without his laughter. A life without his joy. A life without so much I had grown to take for granted. It was in my brokenness that I began to question everything, including a God that could allow such a devastating event to happen to Todd – and to happen to me. What had I ever done that was so bad to deserve this, I asked God. What had Todd every done that was so bad to deserve this? But there was no response to those questions. Just a void and a silence that was so loud, I was certain it would destroy me. All the color had left my world and I went through the motions of life certain that my happiness had died with Todd.

Brokenness Repaired

But it was in that state of brokenness, in that state of soul searching, in that state of self-reflection that I reached out for hope and found the answer in the power of the written word. I discovered books and grieving parent support groups that led me on a path of self-discovery about death and about eternal life. Some of the most powerful words were written by other grieving parents. They understood the depth of my pain and their writings resonated deep within my soul. It was the power of the written word that not only gave me new hope, it gave me new perspectives that kept me going even when I wanted to quit. Their words gave me hope that I could survive this horrible reality that had become my life. To them, many whose names I have long forgotten, I will forever be grateful. The Dalai Lama said it best, “Our prime purpose in this life is to help others. And if you can’t help them, at least don’t hurt them.” That’s what other authors and grieving parents have done for me and that’s what I am called to do – help others on their journey.

Angela Miller – Author of “You Are the Mother of All Mothers”

grieving mothersI recently met another grieving mother who is an amazing inspiration to many through her written words. Angela Miller is the mother of Noah who died when he was just 2 years old. As an author, Angela channeled her pain into a beautiful message of hope for other grieving mothers. Her book, “You Are The Mother Of All Mothers” is a healing message of hope that openly addresses some of our deepest pain, the guilt and shame that we all must face when we must bury a child. Nothing prepares us for it but thank goodness there are authors like Angela Miller in the world building communities of support for others who find themselves in the same club, a club no parent ever wants to join. One of my favorite passages in Angela’s book is as follows: “It takes invincible strength to mother a child you can no longer hold, see, touch or hear. You are a superhero mama.” Yes it does Angela. Well said. We don’t stop parenting our children simply because they are no longer here with us in the physical form. We will always be their mother and they will always be our child, no matter where they are. To connect with Angela for a copy of “You Are The Mother Of All Mothers” or to join her community, please visit her website at:

“It takes invincible strength to mother a child you can no longer hold, see, touch or hear. You are a superhero mama.”

Grieving Parents

Kudos to strong women like Angela Miller and all the grieving parents out there who are doing their part to help through the power of their written words! May you all be blessed beyond measure for your divine service to others.