Loss of a Child Comforting Words

Todd | loss of a child comforting wordsWhen one experiences the loss of a child comforting words, hope, and memories help begin the healing process.  For many years after Todd passed, I talked to him in hopes that he could hear me, wherever he might be. I needed to believe that he could hear me even though I couldn’t hear him at that time. As a Mother, I felt it was my job to protect him, and that I had failed at the single most important job I would ever have. But there was a part of me, the innermost part of my soul perhaps that whispered “God doesn’t want you to die with a broken heart. Just keep going.” And that’s what I did. With my loss of a child comforting words that God whispered to me helped me get through these tough times.

Comforting Words From God

I was raised as a Christian to believe in everlasting eternal life but no one could really explain what that meant. For me, that was a problem because having experienced the loss of a child comforting words were helpful but I also needed to know that Todd was okay so I set out to learn whatever I could about life after death. I was a grieving parent, and with my connection with Todd I learned alot.

The Start of My Journey to Speak with Todd

Then one day about 10 years after Todd’s death, I was stopped in my tracks when I heard Oprah Winfrey interviewing Rosemary Altea, a psychic medium, on her TV talk show. Rosemary said, “Yes, I can talk to dead people.” As she said it, a shiver ran up my spine and I knew that it was true. So I said to myself, “God if she can talk to dead people, I want to talk to Todd. I need to know that he’s okay.” And so my spiritual journey really moved forward with purpose.

Loss of a Child Comforting Words in Books

I read all of Rosemary Altea’s books, then I read all of Sylvia Browne’s books, who is another famous psychic medium. From my loss of a child comforting words found in Altea’s books helped my connection grow stronger with Todd. The momentum was building and there seemed to be many more books and stories coming into my awareness about connecting to the deceased. Since experiencing the loss of a child comforting words from these books and messages began to propel me further knowing one day I would talk to Todd again.

Finding Comfort

And then it happened. September 13, 2013. I was attending a holistic energy conference in Arkansas when someone asked if I would like to have an aura photograph taken with my son. I thought it would be the coolest picture that I ever had even if nobody else knew what it was. I was excited, to say the least. But as the photographed called in Todd, I felt a surge of happiness engulf me that I had never experienced before. And something told me that this was Todd. I had discovered the place where Todd’s eternal soul lives. I couldn’t believe it but I suspended my disbelief long enough to surrender in that moment to things I couldn’t understand but in my heart, I knew to be real. As I held my cell phone and reached to hit the play button on for his favorite song, The Dance by Garth Brooks, I heard him say, “Mom, let’s dance.” I couldn’t believe it but I chose to suspend my disbelief long enough to surrender in that moment to things I couldn’t understand. The next three and half minutes of my life proved to be the most profound life changing experience as I felt Todd wrap his energy around me once again and heal my broken heart. I could feel the love flowing from the depths of my soul and healing my broken heart. It was beautiful and blissful – heaven on earth. My world was forever changed that day and I was content to go to my grave knowing that Todd lives in an amazing place that I can’t see but one that I can definitely feel. And then Todd spoke again, “Now that you know what you know Mom, you must tell others.” “What? I don’t think so Todd” I replied. And let’s just say he hasn’t stopped talking to me since! Todd and I have continued to work together as a divine team. This very moment has allowed me to share my story with others.  Giving me the ability to provide those who have experienced a loss of a child comforting words.

A Gift from my Creator

That experience was no coincidence. It was a gift from my Creator and a spiritual lesson on so many levels. The result was a quantum leap in my spiritual growth. That day in Arkansas was a divine appointment for which I am eternally grateful.