Overcoming Adversity

We all experience hardships in our lives and overcoming adversity it is a necessary skill when you have lost a loved one.  Nobody wants to experience this type of pain but unfortunately, it happens to everyone. Whether the death of your family member was expected or unexpected there is always a grieving process a person must go through.  Overcoming adversity will make you stronger and help guide your journey.

Overcoming Adversity Through Divine Connection

overcoming adversity | divine connection | dance with todd prayerWe all have a divine connection to our Creator, and to our loved ones in the higher realms, but remembering this truth and suspending our disbelief long enough to trust what we feel is the real test in overcoming adversity. It’s the key to unlocking our Divine life purpose. It’s part of our unique and sacred spiritual journey back to our truth. No two paths are the same, and all paths are perfectly written in the stars for each one of us. If you are interested in connecting with your loved ones in the higher realms keep these things in mind.

Speak with Purpose

I encourage you to speak to the Creator and your deceased loved ones with purpose. Ask the deceased person that you wish to communicate with to come forward but be mindful that they also have a choice to accept or decline the invitation.

Pay Attention

You might play their favorite song, or maybe yours, to get the energy moving as you sit quietly and pay close attention to everything you feel within your body. Every little subtle sensation. Ask them a question if you’d like and trust whatever response you receive. Some people receive images, others sound or smell, some have a feeling, and some just have a knowing.

Trust Yourself

Whatever you get is correct. Trust it and continue to visit this space often because you are activating a communication system that for many has been dormant but the more you utilize it, the stronger and clearer the messages will become. Trusting what you may not in whole understand is the key to overcoming adversity.