Signs. Signs. Everywhere There’s Signs.

It had been an interesting morning chocked full of signs from the Universe for me. Immediately upon waking, I went to take a shower in the master bathroom and much to my surprise, the water was only dribbling from the shower head. I checked to see if I had water at the sink and several […]

Why Most People Fear Death and Who You REALLY Are

Most people fear death only because they don’t understand it or remember where they really came from. But there is no need to fear anything for your soul is an eternal soul. It lives on and on – forever and ever because you are beautiful expression of the Creator’s love. In the place that many […]

Parents In Grief

Parents In Grief Starting my next new adventure – a series of short videos for our new blog on our website and the non-profit Dance With Todd Inc. It’s our way to pay it forward. Todd says, “Let’s call them Public Service Announcements Mom! Short and sweet and to the point.” So welcome to PSA […]