Honoring Your Child as a Grieving Parent

It’s That Time of the Year. We have entered the fall season. You know. It’s that colorful autumn season where the leaves change into beautiful colors and the days get shorter with the crispness of fall in the air. It’s when we start to look forward to the holidays and spending time with family enjoying […]

The Power of the Written Word for the Grieving Heart

When my 12 year old son Todd died instantly as a result of an accident in 1993, I found myself in the midst of a spiritual crisis and any parent’s worst nightmare. Only it was no nightmare. It was my new life. A life without my son. A life without his humor. A life without […]

Social Media and Grief – 4 Ways to Grieve Through Social Media

At the time of my son, Todd’s death in 1993, there was no such thing as pairing “social media and grief”. In fact, it would take another 11 years before Mark Zuckerberg, along with his college roommates, would launch Facebook in February 2004 which would establish and define social media for many of us. As […]

Grieving Parents Gifts

You may ask yourself, should I give grieving parents gifts? I received a variety of gifts of condolences when Todd passed. Lots of food, flowers and money but the most cherished gifts were definitely the stories that others shared with me about how Todd had impacted their lives. Many of those stories involved a mischievous […]

Grieving Parents Loss Of A Child – Learning From My Connection

Grieving Parents Loss of a Child Learning From My Connection To all grieving parents loss of a child will be a devasting tragedy.  When you lose a child all the hopes and dreams you had for your son or daughter will die too.  There are many steps to the healing process, but fortunately, the ability to […]

Overcoming Adversity by Connecting With Your Loved Ones

Overcoming Adversity We all experience hardships in our lives and overcoming adversity it is a necessary skill when you have lost a loved one.  Nobody wants to experience this type of pain but unfortunately, it happens to everyone. Whether the death of your family member was expected or unexpected there is always a grieving process […]

A Divine Appointment

Loss of a Child Comforting Words When one experiences the loss of a child comforting words, hope, and memories help begin the healing process.  For many years after Todd passed, I talked to him in hopes that he could hear me, wherever he might be. I needed to believe that he could hear me even though I […]

Todd Talks About Tapping Into the Power of Your Dreams

I woke up recently on the “heals” of a very interesting and thought provoking dream.  I have come to appreciate that dreams carry very significant messages from the divine if we are open to receiving those messages and exploring them as part of our spiritual practice.  So it was clear that my son Todd, in […]

Forever A Funny Guy!

Mom: Why is it so hard to trust what we cannot see? Todd: Your earthly existence has been built around conditioned responses primarily based on what you see. Yet your instincts will override that reliance on sight whenever you are in danger. The subtle energy field around your physical body is full of little tiny […]